Word Gap can be played with 1-4 players. The object of the game is to score the most points by filing letters in between two given letters to create words. Bonus points are awarded for using special letters. There are three rounds in a game and the given letters are harder in progressive rounds, but the bonus points also increase.

First Steps

You can either create a new WordGap account and sign in that way each time you play, or you can just sign up and log in through Facebook. If you’d like to find Facebook friends playing the game, you must log in via Facebook. If you know user names for other players, you can log in through a Word Gap account.


Once you are logged in, it’s time to create a new game. You can opt to play solo, chose a Facebook friend, or enter the name of the opponent you’d like to play.


Once you enter a name and click Search, matching player names will appear and you simply click on it to choose them.


You may have up to four players per game. When you have finished selecting players, click on the “Start Game” button and begin.

If you sign in via Facebook, you will see a list of friends playing under “Suggested Players”. This will show all of your Facebook friends who also play WordGap. Even if you did not sign up and log in via Facebook, the Suggested Players list will remember and display a list of people who you’ve previously played with. This just saves you searching for the same old friends!

As with Find New Players, click on players in the Suggested Players area that you would like to invite to your game.

You also have the option of playing the solitaire version of the game. Just click on the “Play Solo” button and you’re off to the races.


Playing the Game

When you start the first round, you will see two letters on the screen and a keyboard with points assigned to each letter. For example, in the first round, you might be given the letters “M” and “S”. You have one minute to come up with as many words as you can. You do not type in the first or last letter, only the letters in the middle.


If you are stuck for a word, you can click on the “Swap” button. This will switch your first and last letters. In this example, you change from looking for D—B words to B—D words. There is no time or score penalty for using this feature and you can switch it back at any point. If you’ve made a typo, you can click on the “Clear” button or press backspace and the letter(s) you’ve typed in will be erased.

Special Letter Bonuses

Each round also has two special bonus letters. If you use these bonus letters, you get an overall score multiplier for the word you spell. The bonus multiplier increases each round, making it particularly helpful to use bonus letters later in the game.

If you use one of the letters in the first round, your word score for that word is multiplied by 2. If you use both letters, it is multiplied by 2 twice. It is not multiplied additional times if you are able to use the bonus letters more than twice. This can really boost your score, so it can be very beneficial to try to include them in your words.

As you enter words, they will appear in a list on the left of the screen.


In round 2, the bonus letters are worth 3x the word score. In round three, they are worth 4x the word score.

Turn Recap

Once you’ve finished a turn, you will see a summary of the round with the score associated with each player under their name. You can click on any word to see precisely how the score was calculated.


You may move on to rounds two and three without waiting for your opponents to finish the round first. Just click on the “Play Round 2” button.

If you click on the “Home” button on the scoring summary page, you will see the games you are currently playing.


Your home page shows the status of all of your games. Games where it’s your turn, games where you’re waiting on others, and games that are completed. Coming soon, you’ll also see achievements and badges so that you can show off your word prowess.


If you have been invited to join a game, click on the invitation and then click “Accept” or “Decline”.


That’s all you need to know! Have fun and let us know what you think. We appreciate any suggestions as to how we could make the game more fun and interesting. You can give us your feedback through our suggestion forum located here: http://forum.nimbledev.com/Forums/suggestions

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