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    Need help getting started? Our getting started document can be found here:


    I have played lots of solo games but only the results from the first 7 are displayed in the Home Page. How do I show ALL of my completed solo games or at least those games with the highest scores? Many thanks.


    Great point – I thought we were displaying more than 7 completed games, but let me take a look at that. Meanwhile your idea of being able to sort the list is a great idea. Note that it takes a while to get changes published through the app store, so it might be a bit before you see it.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


    Thanks for your reply. I can’t count 🙂 The Solo game actually shows 10 completed games. Unfortunately, it is the same concern 🙁

    Look forward to your solution.

    Kind regards and thanks again.


    LOL, no worries. But you’re right, we are limiting each category to the most recent 10 games (i.e. current games, waiting on others, and completed games). So, one solution is to simply bump that up – no big deal there. Another approach is, as you say, to allow you to filter it somehow other than by date. So for example, by score.

    Question though… We’ve been thinking about having a leader board, adding matchmaking (based on ability), and adding badges/achievements. A leader board could show your best X number of games compared with the top games of others. Do you think that would mitigate your desire to be able to see your completed games sorted by high score?

    Thanks for the feedback!


    I don’t think that showing more than 10 completed games would be necessary – I, personally, would not want to trawl through previous games to see the scores (it might be of use, to see what words were particularly high scoring but, in my opinion, this would be quite academic and frivolous). Other readers of this forum could well have other thoughts!

    The game is absorbing and fun, for those of us who enjoy word games.

    Your suggestion of having a leader board, comparing best scores compared with other players, is a good idea. I’m sure that other players would like to know how their word knowledge compares with others ‘out there’. The leader board idea would make the game more challenging, as the player would now want to outdo others as well as beating his/her own top score.

    Look forward to any changes you make – keep up the good work.



    Sounds great – I appreciate the opportunity to pick your brain a bit. Give us a shout if you have further suggestions down the road!



    Thanks for your comment about me having a brain!

    I am a silver surfer, so have time to play these games. However, some are more interesting than others – and yours is one of the more interesting ones.

    I won’t add anything more to this thread – you seem to have everything covered. 🙂


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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