MX Command iOS App

When a fledgling startup needed a compelling mobile solution to track emergencies, response units, and record information about casualties and incidents, they turned to Nimble.

This solution is geared towards fire fighters, ambulance services, and related emergency responders with the goal of vastly enhancing their communication, coordination, and data recording accuracy. We created a native iOS solution with iPad and iPhone views that facilitated all of their needs while being HIPAA compliant and yet providing an eminently scalable solution for their future growth plans. The back-end data storage and reporting solution was developed with C# and MVC, and hosted with Azure.

One of the largest challenges with this solution was creating a compelling user experience that would allow responders to very quickly view and input response information on the go, even in situations where they might lack network connectivity.

Industry: Emergency Response

Technologies: Xcode, Objective C, iOS, Azure, MVC, C#, TFS, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL, iOS SQLite, Balsamiq