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Mainframe Migration Solutions

Our principles architected and developed Fujitsu Software Corporation's broad suite of mainframe migration and modernization utilities, from inception to completion. This division was later sold to GT Software and was temporarily rebranded under the Alchemy Solutions name. This includes NeoBatch (JCL), NeoKicks (CICS), and NeoData (VSAM to SQL).

At the heart of these technologies, the idea is to enable the simultaneous migration and modernization of JCL, CICS, VSAM data, and COBOL - taking it from the IBM mainframe and allowing it to be fully managed and deployed in a Windows data center. Being able to debug COBOL within the Visual Studio environment, for example, represents substantial new integration opportunities for aging and expensive mainframe solutions, while also allowing mainframe shops to engage and hire younger resources to maintain the solutions, many of whom may lack the expertise required to maintain mainframe-hosted solutions. This, to say nothing about the millions of dollars in annual savings recognized when being able to decommission expensive mainframe contracts.

The ROI for most of our migrations is shockingly fast, with most of our customers recouping their migration costs in less than 18 months.

Client: Fujitsu & GT Software

Industry: Mainframe Modernization and Migration

Technologies: NeoKicks, NeoData, NeoBatch, NetCOBOL, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL, IIS, MVC and ASP.NET