At Nimble Development, we provide software architecture, technology assessment, and development services, resulting from years of “best practices” first-hand experience. We’re experienced, adaptable, precise, and fast. In a word, we’re Nimble!

Click through to view a few highlighted projects that we’ve worked on over the years.

  • iOS Application, User Interface Design, HIPAA Compliance
    Emergency Response Startup
    Scalable HIPPA compliant MX Command iOS application for first responders.
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  • EZShapes screen shot
    .NET, Javascript, JQuery, OpenLayers
    EZShapes for Reports Now
    Browser-based shapefile editor which includes an innovative raster tracing algorithm.
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  • Mainframe migration tools, NeoKicks, NeoData, NeoBatch
    Fujitsu & GT Software
    Mainframe migration and modernization tools: NeoBatch, NeoKicks and NeoData.
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  • jt-viewer
    Touch friendly, Direct 3D, MS Surface
    Microsoft & Siemens
    3DViewer for JT™ for the Microsoft Surface Tablet using DirectX.
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  • NetCOBOL Interop Class Generator
    Quickly generate NetCOBOL for .NET interop classes based on a COBOL Copybook. Expose COBOL...
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  • Nimble Center
    Nimble Center
    Order Management for Oregon Cannabis Companies. Ensure Metrc data compliance. Streamline common operations. Reduce...
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  • Mainframe modernization and migration solution
    Back to portfolio Mainframe batch/JCL modernization and migration solution Raincode is a leader...
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  • Web Application Development, Localization, Responsive Design
    Customer sentiment and surveying solution for the automotive industry. This responsive web-based solution...
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  • Technology evaluation and due diligence, software merger and acquisition
    Tech Soft 3D
    A technology acquisition due diligence project that evolved into contract CTO/CIO services.
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