Mobile and App Development

At Nimble, we take pride in crafting compelling user experiences. You shouldn’t need to read a manual or take training to figure out how to use a typical app! Our creations celebrate each client’s unique brand while providing an intuitive approach to usability.

We are an an undisputed leader in mobile application development. We’ve been in the business since the inception of smartphones, during which time we’ve amassed a great set of tools and expertise that you can leverage, saving precious implementation time and expense. We’re able to create mobile app solutions across all mobile platforms to boot. Our repertoire runs the gamut from native Objective C iOS implementations to mobile web solutions to cross-platform Xamarin™ mobile implementations. We’re registered iOS, Android, and Windows mobile developers.

Our desktop application development team has an advanced understanding of .NET, C#, XAML, DirectX, SharePoint, HTML5, CSS, and Windows Internals. We’ve written more desktop applications than you can shake a stick at, even if you happen to have a really shaky stick!

Many of our customers have requested custom firmware assistance, such as developing IAR Embedded Workbench solutions for the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. We have a deep understanding of the Bluetooth® stack, advanced power management, over the air firmware updating, memory management, and debugging/diagnostics.

Our clients have benefited from our ability to provide Business Intelligence insights into their data. Big data can be a rather daunting morass if it can’t be efficiently visualized. Our scalable, responsive visualization solutions can help you make sense of even the most jumbled mashup. Start a dialog with your data today.


The team at Nimble was great to work with – friendly, responsive, and always delivered on time and on budget. They understood our project needs, and developed solutions for complex projects across multiple platforms (iOS, cloud, firmware). Nimble also made sure we clearly understood the impact of our decisions, and helped us develop a superior product.

Matt Hamman / Kevin Donaldson

Technical Project Manager / Chief Financial Officer, Suterra