Mainframe Modernization & Migration

Our migration practice is staffed by the architects and developers of the Neo suite of migration tools. These were originally developed for Fujitsu and are now owned by Atlanta-based GT Software. Our migration skills can help you with:

  • CICS
  • JCL
  • VSAM to SQL migration
  • Visual Studio integration

Our migration customers typically have a variety of mainframe technology as shown below on the left. Those functional tiers are modernized and migrated to their counterparts as shown on the right. Migrating your business off of the mainframe represents clear and rather immediate cost savings, with most of our customers seeing a recouping of their migration expense in less than 12 months. Meanwhile, modernizing the toolsets that you use gives you access to the latest technology as well as the ability to hire accordingly.

migration path

Our team has participated in dozens of migrations including the following:

Company Migration Size Technology
Credit Agricole (France) 1,000 MIPS, 20TB DB2 database Batch
Tranquilidade (Portugal) 630 MIPS CICS, Batch
Simon & Schuster (USA) 100 MIPS CICS, Batch
Day-Timer (USA) 88 MIPS CICS, Batch
Telecom Italia (Italy) 600 MIPS CICS, Batch
Crystal Cruises (USA) 60 MIPS CICS, Batch
Stockholmshem (Sweden) 9 MIPS CICS, Batch