Agency & Law Firm Assistance

If you’re a technology firm, law firm, or a digital marketing agency or in need of technical acumen, our consultancy practice can help. With experience in a wide variety of software technologies, our agency consulting practice can provide the following services:

  • Contract CTO/CIO services
  • Technology due diligence and valuation
  • Software M&A
  • Post M&A technology integration
  • Web and app development in support of agency branding and marketing activities

Nimble has assisted with several venture capital deals and can help you whether you’re seeking capital or looking to place it. We can also put you in touch with some top-shelf legal representation to assist, as needed.

Our digital marketing agency practice has collaborated with agencies to create dozens of custom social and web solutions. Ranging from promotional and sweepstakes websites to Facebook pages and apps, we can integrate with your firm to bring your ideas to life for your clients.

Nimble’s depth and breadth of technology and business acumen has been invaluable to us in assisting us through a successful acquisition.

Ron Fritz

CEO, Tech Soft 3D