Mobile & App Dev Our crazy band of coders are at your service and ready to build world class mobile apps, web back-ends, BI dashboards, or whatever other custom development needs your organization might need.  We pride ourselves on creating compelling user experiences, and we love to make our customers look great.
Web & Cloud Solutions We’re experienced with Azure, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, WordPress, SharePoint, NetSuite, Salesforce, Dynamics, and myriad ancillary web and cloud technologies.  We’d love to help you craft a secure solution that scales up or out to meet your needs.
Mainframe Migration Our migration practice includes the core team that developed the COBOL, JCL, and CICS migration solutions for GT Software and Fujitsu. We’ve helped migrate dozens of mainframe applications and would be happy to help you migrate and modernize your legacy systems.
Agency & Law Firm Assistance We’ve helped numerous digital marketing and advertising agencies as well as law firms over the 20+ years that we’ve been in business.  We can help with due diligence and technology assessment activities, as our technical acumen runs the gamut from mainframes to iOS, Windows, Linux, you name it.

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Ever seen a project fail?

Gartner’s research suggests that up to 80% of software projects fail! Poor requirements, outdated technology, inadequate project management, and sub-par communications are leading contributors to the shocking failure rate of software projects. There is another way…


What’s the solution?

At Nimble Development, we provide software architecture, technology assessment, and development services, resulting from years of “best practices” first-hand experience. We’re adaptable, experienced, precise, and fast. In a word, we’re Nimble.

Software projects are inherently moving targets. This, by virtue of the discovery process that occurs during even the latter stages of a project. You don’t have all of the answers when starting a project, unless you’ve had the benefit of having built the very same project before (in which case it’s unlikely you’d simply repeat it). This has been referred to as the “cone of uncertainty”, wherein the farther you are in a development timeline, the less uncertainty remains. So, the question becomes, how do you get from here to there without waiting for the benefit of hindsight? Enter best practices, experience, and clear communications. By virtue of considerable experience and adhering to proven methodologies, Nimble will greatly increase your ability to hit these moving targets. And through appropriate risk management, you can accommodate any minor misses that might catch you unaware.

Talk to us about our methodologies to prevent project failure. Even if you don’t need us to write your software, we can advise and train your team to avoid pitfalls before they burn through your budget.

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